Taxation Services

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     Tax is potentially the greatest cost you will ever face in the business or in your personal life. We believe that managing your companies’ tax obligations responsibly and proactively can make a critical difference in the profitability of the company.
    We provides services on all the verticals of Taxation, namely Income Tax, Service tax and Value added services tax. The range of services starts from the registration of respective services to annual filing of the Returns. Tax law registration services take account of Central Excise Registration, Professional Tax Registration, Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration, Import Export Code Registration, Service Tax Registration, Tax Deduction Account Number Registration (TAN), Permanent Account Number Registration (PAN) etc.
   Our Tax Compliance services deal with periodic filing of Income Tax Return, Service Tax Return, and Value Added Tax Return etc.

Services Offered

* TAN/PAN Registration
* Service Tax Registration
* Professional Tax Registration
* Filing of Income tax and Service tax returns
* Filing of the quarterly and annual TDS returns
* Consultancy on Income Tax/Service Tax Matters
* Tax Planning & Savings
* Maintenance of Income Tax Records
* Tax Deduction Account Number Registration
* Consultancy on deposit of monthly service tax of both corporate as well individuals
* Maintenance of Service Tax Records
* Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration
* Registration under CST Act
* Consultancies on VAT and CST Act
* Taxability of Sale of fixed assets

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