Labour Law Services

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     Through our strong network, expertise and robust processes we ensure that your human resource requirements are managed under a roof. Obtaining Shops and Establishments Registration under which - PF, ESI, Contract Labour regulation, and other registrations under various labour enactments, Regular PF, ESI & Other Labour Compliance Services and Filings of periodic returns under various enactments are some of the services taken up by our team.

Legal opinions and drafting

    Legal compliances and their consistent update form is the backbone of the existence of any business venture. Normal situations as well as extra-ordinary events during the course of business demand well versed and timely legal advice and execution support for any company.
    Our members are well versed in the laws of different jurisdictions and have at their disposal an extensive database of Forms/Precedents which are tailored to meet the client requirements. We give legal opinions based on sound facts, stating relevant case laws and references. We maintain consistency in our approach, and make best efforts to satisfy Clients queries. However if Clients have any further clarifications in connection with the main query, then depending on the scope of work we provide such additional clarifications with no further charge.
   Besides providing, basic Drafting Services, we also have an expertise in providing second opinions and editing of pre-drafted agreements. We even proofread the agreement drafted by the other party and analyze it to make sure that it does not have a clause that might be interpreted against you. We also analyze if a particular clause has the same meaning applied to it in a different jurisdiction.

We offer our range of legal services in the following categories:

* Co-ordination with the Solicitors and Advocates for court cases
* Drafting / vetting of various Commercial Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Wills.
* Drafting of Lease agreements, Deed of Conveyance, Mortgage Documents, Creation of Charge/Satisfaction of Charges, etc.
* Appearing as an authorized representative before the Company Law Board, the Central Government
* Regional Director, the Registrar of Companies.
* Legal representation for contractual negotiations, mediation and dispute resolution.
* Preparing legal opinion on various matters.

    We have drafted contracts on multifarious categories. Some example of types of transactions in which we can assist you in drafting or reviewing are:
* Employment Contracts
* Shareholder Contracts
* Broker Agreements
* Wills
* Donation Agreements
* Master Purchase and Sale Agreements

Company Law Services

    We undertake services on all matters connected with Company Law including We are providing other services like Annual Filing Services, Securities Board of India proceedings, Due diligence report preparation, secretarial audit report, search reports, Liquidation and Winding up of Companies including advisory services.
    From the Limited Liability Partnership view, we provide, Limited Liability Partnership Name Change, Partner Admission, Cessation of Partner, Transfer of Rights, Changes in Rights, Shifting of Registered Office, Amendment of Agreement, Annual Filings, Winding up of Defunct Business etc.

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