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Decisions related to tax and investment makes a huge difference in your financial affairs over the period of time. One mistake and you could lose a lot of money and peace of mind in life. Sadly, there is no general advice which you can follow up blindly and make decisions even in rare situations. Well, this is where financial advisors come into existence.

e associatesindia is one of the leading comprehensive financial advisory services providers in India. We have highly qualified and experienced team of financial advisors who manage the investment advisory services of the firm. They use their complete knowledge of insurance, tax laws, and investments in order to suggest investment alternatives to the clients, corresponding to their long-term and short-term goals.

Below given are the services we offer to our clients across Karnataka, Bangalore.

• Unbiased tax, investment and insurance advisory services
• Compare prices and options for several insurance services
• Life insurance quotes extracted from various insurance companies, underwrite insurance for
• clients and advice them to grab the best policy at competitive prices
• Offer recommendations to manage financial risks
• Provides full-fledged info related to the investment you are planning to make, different insurance policies, etc.
• Guides you through Mutual Funds investment

e associatesindia has a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who manage the investment advisory services of the firm. They use their knowledge of tax laws, insurance, and investments to recommend investment options to clients corresponding to their short-term goals and long-term goals. At Financial Advisors, we strive to understand each client's investment goals, risk profiles, and other finance related issues to provide the best possible financial advice.

e associates helps you in different ways:

• Provides you as much info as you need in order to make timely and productive financial decisions
• Helps you understand how your decision affects other areas of your finances.
• Helps you evaluate the level of risk that is best suited to your financial situation and lifestyle.

Well we offer professional financial advisory services in India with the help of our experienced planners and make it easy for you to take on the right option while planning your finances in India. You could be from any city. We provide financial services all across Karnataka.

Financial plan

You must have heard financial advisors discussing about an investment plans for individuals or firms. It could be anything from insurance to a mutual fund. As far as an individual is concerned, the amount of capital invested is quite small, so the advisory should be according to the financial capacity of the person. An advisor will allocate the most secure plans with the highest result possible.
Firms with higher capital need a lot of return on their investment. There is no shortage of funds, but then too, there needs to be some sort of security. A financial advisor
We provide financial services across the Karnataka, Bangalore.


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Insurance is an extremely important for any individual or firm. Safety is the best Policy. Prevention of assets is much better than the recovery of the capital, after the funds have been spent unwisely or a consignment has been lost.

We provide the correct insurance plans according to the financial status of the entity. If you are an individual, you need health insurance, life insurance, Child plans and many new kinds of safeguarding policies for your own self.

If you need it for your firm, then we help you purchase the correct plan for protection of your assets. You simply need to provide your credentials and the rest of the work is handled by us.

Our services include:

• Life Insurance Quotes retrieved from several companies.
• Make comparisons among various policies, examine deeply, and decide to grab the best policy at competitive price range.

Commodity Advisors

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e associatesindia is a leading advisory company providing reliable & most accurate tips in Indian commodity market (MCX+NCDEX) & international commodity market(COMEX+NYMEX) through its specialized team of technical analyst who watch & study the market on daily basis. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, our team is highly qualified & experienced to handle it in both condition. our main priority is to have best client relationship by providing individualistic & exclusive client care through our accurate predictions which gives you maximum profits.

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