Accounts Process Outsourcing

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     We undertake complete Financial Accounting Services to an organization with assistance with our professional associates. We understand the core business and process of our clients and partner them hand in hand to ensure the smooth functioning of the accounting system in their organization rather than to work as external consultants. We help our clients to develop an insight to have a detailed and in-depth analysis of the business issues before recommending a solution.

    We have an exclusive accounting division, which enables our client to develop and setup efficient accounting system that keep track of and guide the flow of financial and managerial information. We focus mainly on providing accounting solutions based on client requirements with free consultation which includes:-.

Preparation of books of accounts

Our professional team has vast experience in preparation of books of accounts, preparation of monthly, quarterly, yearly financial statements, profitability statements, cash flow analysis, budget preparation, etc. We have experience in conversion of informal accounts to formal one, which is needed when the internal accounting system requires support.

Filing of statutory returns

we ensure timely filing of statutory returns and forms. Our experienced tax consultants have complete knowledge in laws and procedures of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, e-tds, PF, ESI, LWF, etc. Our tax consultancy services includes obtaining registration under the provisions of the Act, payment of taxes, preparation and filing of periodic returns, advices on applicability, issuance of form 16, form 16A etc, timely updating of clients regarding the day-to-day changes in the taxes, etc.,

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